Participant Education & Enrollment Services

“93% of plan participants believe that ‘unbiased investment advice
is important or very important,’yet only 6% feel their employer
is doing an excellent job of providing this.”1

       1. The Pension Research Council, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 

While today’s 401(k) plans utilize the internet and other recent advancements to offer more features and services, participants are still woefully unprepared to make informed investment decisions. 36% of participants in self directed 401(k) plans invest in only one fund, 19% are in only two funds, and 80% have never rebalanced their account. 64% of plan participants feel their company is providing average to poor education about their retirement plan.

For employers, this knowledge gap that plan participants have in investing is not without risk. High profile failures, such as Enron and Global Crossing, put even greater pressure on employers to offer sound 401(k) plans. From a practical perspective, better educated participants should make better investment decisions, resulting in greater job satisfaction and financial security. From a legal perspective, the Department of Labor routinely admonishes employers to provide investment education and advice to raise the level of investment knowledge of their employees to the appropriate point for selecting among the plan’s investment options. Further, when RTD is selected through a prudent process with periodic monitoring, our clients may be relieved from the liability for the specific investment recommendations made to participants. Before selecting a 401(k) retirement provider, you should ask the following fundamental question:

Who will be responsible for selecting and monitoring
our plan’s investment options and providing our
employees with the investment support they need?

RTD is committed to educating your employees on sound retirement planning and the investment knowledge they will need for their retirement. These are not just enrollment meetings but in-depth educational sessions. This retirement planning education gets your employees motivated, makes them feel better about their decisions, and most of all – provides them with a more comfortable retirement in the future. After all, isn’t that what retirement planning is all about?

Educational materials include:

  • Customized enrollment booklets
  • Multimedia enrollment presentation
  • Wallet cards
  • Interactive website
  • Website guide
  • Comprehensive plan information literature
  • Regular education newsletters and investment updates
  • Interactive planning tools

Are your employees really prepared to take on the
important responsibility of choosing their investments?

Enrollment is not a one size fits all solution. A successful 401k solution has an enrollment process that meets the diverse needs of your business or practice. RTD provides the following enrollment services:

  • Online enrollment, employee reporting, and fund allocation
  • Call center to assist enrollment, investing, and financial planning
  • Periodic customized in-person enrollment meetings
  • One on one in-person investment education for plan participants