Personalized Investment Strategy

Investing for the long term has many challenges—ones we can control and others we cannot. Making decisions for the right reasons is what matters most. Making decisions based on emotion runs the inevitable risk of undermining your success. As part of our Financial Life Planning process we provide a proven framework of intentional investing to keep your money aligned with your long-term goals and values, to help deliver a successful investment experience. Our discipline does not stop there.

Focus on Efficiency

Minimizing costs and taxes matter. In a world of uncertainty, this is one area we can control. Our efficient screening process searches for low-cost investment options and measures performance and cost in comparison to their peers. To minimize taxes and maximize after-tax returns, we shift tax inefficient investments to non-taxable accounts and review your portfolio daily to harvest market downturns into real tax savings. Our fiduciary diligence in monitoring these areas helps you achieve your long-term goals.

Opportunistic Approach

Today’s markets are more volatile than ever; these short-term fluctuations can be scary, emotionally testing our collective desire to endure the markets. Our approach seeks to remove the fear volatility brings and, instead, takes advantage of these never-ending swings. We have invested in the expertise and the technology to review all portfolios every day to capture opportunities to sell high and buy low while keeping your portfolio allocation in line with your goals. We believe this opportunistic approach results in a more effective long-term investment outcome than standard periodic calendar rebalancing.