We start with DISCOVERY, where we reach beyond the quantifiable into the potential, the possible, and maybe even the fanciful. Here we step away from what clients have been doing, and instead set out to discover what they would like to be doing. Not with their investments, but with their lives. This is the first step toward being free from a lifetime of financial limitations.


Once we’ve learned what’s most important, and then arm ourselves with all of the relevant financial data, we begin to PLAN. We develop detailed recommendations and alternatives, all carefully researched and not just based on the best financial data and practices available, but on our clients’ goals and values.


The culmination of our efforts is to have our clients LIVE the life they desire. Some of our clients have seen their lives take off in new directions as a result of our work together. Others have resumed their prior routines with renewed vitality and deepened commitment. But both groups share clarity of purpose that their lives didn’t hold before. And both enjoy the freedom of living as fully as possible according to their own values, minus the headache of complexity and uncertainty.