Financial Life Planning Fees

Our fee is a flat quarterly retainer based on the following schedule:

Net WorthQuarterlyAnnual
Under $1,000,000 $2,500 $10,000

PLUS, for each additional amount of Net Worth* (if applicable): 

Net WorthAdditional Net WorthAdditional Fee
    Quarterly Annually
FROM $1 million to $3 million $200,000 $375 $1,500
FROM $3 million to $10 million $250,000 $250 $1,000
FROM $10 million to $20 million $500,000 $250 $1,000
ABOVE $20 million   Negotiable Negotiable

These fees are based on the Net Worth* at the time of the engagement and may be adjusted at the end of three years and every three years thereafter based on Advisor's formula at those times.

Fees are due quarterly in advance and a pro-rata refund will be paid to Client if cancelled within any quarter. This quarterly retainer is cancelable anytime without restriction.

*Net Worth: We include in our calculation only investable assets which we consider to be managed.

Our full disclosure document which includes fee schedule details can be found on Form ADV Brochure.