Merging Your Money with Your Life

We believe the first step in achieving financial independence is to begin the process of merging your money with your life. To do this, you need to understand your true direction—where you want to go and why—and how to get there. To help you discover your priorities and create a roadmap, we take you through a detailed exercise that involves identifying your core values (“Heart’s Core”), commitments and responsibilities (“Ought To”), and wants and dreams (“Fun To”).

Defining Your Priorities
Heart’s Core Goals based on deeply held core values. Non-negotiables.
Ought To Something you feel obligated to do based on a commitment, family belief, or societal responsibility.
Fun To The icing on the cake. Something that would add zest and fun to your life.
Kinder Institute

Shape Your Plan

Financial Life Planning™ is not about your money—it’s about your life. To develop your plan, we start with the Discovery. We step away from what you’ve been doing to what you would like to do, not with your investments but with your life. Once we’ve learned what’s important to you and have relevant financial data in-hand, we develop your financial plan. Our goal is for you to gain clarity of purpose and the freedom of living as fully as possible without the headache of complexity and the heartache of uncertainty.

Free Yourself

Peace of mind comes from the fact that you can realize your goals and dreams. Achieving it is contingent upon having not only a plan but also experts focused on enhancing the quality of your life.

We provide answers and solutions to these and many other questions:

  • Am I doing enough…?
  • Should I…?
  • Is there a better way to…?
  • Am I paying too much…?
  • Am I invested properly…?
  • Will I reach my goals…?
  • When can I retire, scale back, sell the business…?